Spontaneous? Not Really!

To tell you the truth, being spontaneous isn’t really spontaneous at all.  My theory is that all the things that come to your mind are often triggered by the things you see or the things that you think about.  Being spontaneous is just a way you think.  For example, you know you will be going to the park, and thinking about going to the park, you imagine there will be kids riding bikes. You then get the idea to ride a bike.   Sometimes in life, you should not plan every moment.  It is just way too stressful and most of the times, things do not often go your way.  Jane Austen in her book, Emma, wonderfully describes my point, “Why not seize the pleasure at once? –How often is happiness destroyed by preparation, foolish preparation!”  If you are open to unexpected things that come to your mind, and act upon some of them, then life becomes fun.  Sometimes deciding to blow bubbles on a windy day or doing a little dance while walking to work isn’t embarrassing or dumb, it’s the little whimsical things you do in life that make life a little more sweeter, and a lot more entertaining.

At times, being spontaneous requires you to accept unexpected things that come your way.  For example, you plan on going to lunch with your cousin, then during mid-discussion, he suggests that instead of going to a nice restaurant, we should go eat at a crab house.  To you, it is spontaneous because who on earth would think of going to a crab house for lunch right?  (I was really surprised.)  For him, he has craved crabs for weeks now, and have not gotten a chance to go!   Then, my cousin and I end up going to the crab house and have a great time eating and cracking crab legs.  Afterwards, we decide to go biking in the park, and finish up the day eating yogurt.  The entire day is really awesome!

“Humor is spontaneous, wonderful bit of an outburst that just comes.  It’s unbridled, it’s unplanned, it’s full of surprises.” – Erma Bombeck

Here’s the top 5 things to become a spontaneous person:

1. Be open to do the things that comes to your mind.  Random thoughts that come to your mind are super fun, once you acted upon it!

2. Be open to the things that come to you.  When unexpected suggestions or events that come to you, accept it and often times, you will be glad you did it!

3. Push yourself to do something that you usually would not do.  Who knows? Perhaps you like it, or perhaps you do not, but at least now, you can confidently say, “I have done it.”

4. Treat yourself.  When you crave something or wanting to do something, just do it!  It is a way to show that you love yourself enough to make yourself happy.

5. Don’t feel guilty about it because you are doing the things you enjoy!

My spontaneous day

I always wonder what it’s like to do archery, but no one could go with me, so instead of ignoring the idea, and limiting myself from trying archery, I just drive myself to the shooting range.  Of course, in my mind, I think I am going crazy!  What would a woman like me be doing at the shooting range?  It’s just so un-lady like!  Well, I push myself even farther, and walk into the office.  My heart is pounding, and I am feeling self-conscious because I am at a place surrounded by men.  I find out that they do not offer archery, but they do offer rental pistols and rifles.  Oh boy.  Since I’m already here, why not accept the situation and go forward?  So I choose to try the pistol.  The first few rounds scares the life out of me.  I am shaking, and nervous.  But excited.  And you know what?  By the end of the day, I come out of the shooting range as a proud woman.  I am not afraid of what they are any more, and the fact that I can control it makes me feel more confident.  I thought, if I can do something like this, that means, there are many other things that I could definitely conquer on my own as well.

What is the most spontaneous thing you have done? 😀


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