Why do I often freak out at work?

Credit: shannonmillerlifestyle.com

After graduating from college, I start working full-time in the “real” world.  Things are not as easy anymore.  No more homework, exams, or getting answers from someone who actually KNOWs how to solve a particular problem.  Now, working in the real world is full of unknowns.  There are more things I don’t know than I do know.  There are handfuls of unanswerable questions that tend to stack up in my mind and not many of my coworkers know the possible answers to all of them.  I often become frustrated and confused because it’s just too hard to finish the assigned task without knowing the answers to my questions.   Another thing that worries me is my career, will I go far if I keep trying?  Like everyone else, I also worry about my job in this economy.  People are losing jobs left and right (I’m exaggerating.)  I wonder, what if I’m next?   I start to worry about the future, and start to look for jobs all over again, just in case, my ship decides to leave me behind.  This in turn affects my work performances and negatively dims my optimistic perspective on my life.

My parents always end up comforting me because they know these obstacles can take time to overcome.  One of the life lessons that my dad teach me is that whatever I’m doing, I should do my best, make sure I finish what I started, so that I can build up my reputation.  By doing so, other people will want to work with me again.  It’s easier to eat the cake than baking a cake.  Since I’m fresh out of college, not yet armed with past work experiences and knowledge.  However, I do have an advantage that I have a fresh mind and that I am willing to absorb any fact, trick, or language that I can get my hands on.  I’m sure many college graduates will agree to this as well.

Another thing my dad said is “do not to freak out about what others think, because if you do your work right, no one can blame you for doing it wrong.”  It seems like common sense but it’s harder to do it right when you don’t know what you are doing.  Also, when all your questions are not answered because not many people around you know the answer as well.  I guess part of moving on is to accept that not all of my questions have valid answers.  I should just move on with what I’ve got.

In the “real” world, I worry about what my boss may rate me and if my coworkers like me or not.  I often worry sick about what my boss thinks of my work performance and try my best to befriend everyone.  This is not a bad thing, but I realize I’m being too desperate.  (Ok, it is bad.  I’m working on it!!)  I realize, I am nice to everyone but that doesn’t mean I have to become everyone’s best friend.  Also, there’s some point that I should worry about my boss, but as long as I am doing my job and doing it well, there’s no need for me to worry about what he thinks.  My work speaks for itself.

Now, I try not to stress out about work too much and focus on just getting my job done.  Taking short breaks during lunch time also help clear my mind and recharge me for the final push to the end of the day.

What do you guys do to help reduce the stress at work?


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