Top 3 things our younger siblings taught us

Now that my little sister has headed off to college, the home isn’t a home until all the members are…home.  There are now silent nights where my sister and I used to fight for our privacy in our shared bathroom.  There are now spoiled bananas, clementines, and pineapples because the fruit monkey used to eat them whenever our mom buys the fruits for sacred offerings.  There is now peace in the house that at times it’s hard to get used to.  Now I think of it, there are more than 3 things my sister taught me, but I hope these make you think of your siblings as well.

1. Try new things

My little sister is a fearless little thing, she would be willing to travel to places that she has never been.  She’s always been open to going to new places, meeting new people, and eating new foods.  Watching her, I used to fear for her.  No, she doesn’t do anything dangerous, but I fear because I myself would not be courageous enough to travel to Ohio for chorus concerts, or cheerlead for the school football team every freezing, cold, fall nights.  From watching her, I learned to slowly ease myself into doing new things.  From watching her, I was brave enough to travel to 2,000 miles away from home for work, enjoy the amazing taste of sushi, and going to live concerts.

2. Being a better friend

I am an introvert who loves quiet places, I paint, I bake, I like scenic places.  My sister is completely opposite.  She’s an extrovert, she socializes, she volunteers, she likes meeting new people.  If we were to ever met as complete strangers, we both agreed that we would never see things eye to eye.  Being sisters, I learned to see things that are different from my own perspectives.  As an artist and a pastry chef in training, I would offer her fashion advices and teach her how to bake cakes and cheesecake pies that she likes.  As a people person, she taught me to be assertive when someone steps over the line, to be confident in front of people, and how handle my awkwardness in a social setting.  Fate and our blood lines tied us together and we learned as we grow up, to respect and support each other.  She doesn’t just teach me to be a better sister, she taught me to be a better person.

3. A better listener

While growing up, we all had to go pass stages where we see there’s more beyond ourselves.  The world doesn’t revolve around us, it’s only a matter of perspective.  Whenever my sister would tell me stories, I tend to interject with my thoughts and opinions.  She would tell me to “stop talking, and listen to my whole story first!”  We would often share our stories of our high school and college crushes, broken heart stories, and fun things we did with our friends.  One time when I was upset about one sided relationship with a friend that didn’t treat me with respect, my sister would listen quietly and offered supportive advices to me.  For someone who’s younger, she is more mature than she looks.  Whenever I feel the urge to interject my thoughts, I would remember her telling me to stop and to actually listen.  In some ways, I supposed I listen better now…I’ll find out what she thinks when she comes back to visit for spring break.

Siblings pick up on each other’s quirks and behaviors.  They are almost mirrors of ourselves.  Without my sister, I would not be the person I am today.  So, despite the times where we fight for bathroom, food, and family dog’s attention, I’m grateful my parents gave me a little sister.