My Music Quest

In elementary school,Barney would twirled me around to happy tunes.  Sesame Street friends filled my small baskets with fruits containing letters and numbers, and Mr. Rodgers shared with me bite-size desserts of life lessons.

(Not sure if I would like to relive those days…)

In middle school and high school, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese artists dazzled me with shiny and colorful outfits, and the hot, asian singers melted my heart as they serenaded me.   (I’m exaggerating!)

(Cute aren’t they?)

In college, everything changed.

The day that my life has changed for the better, at least, I think so, was when I discovered Indie Rock music.  OH MY GOSH.  Where have you been all my life??  There were many moments that no Barney song or asian songs could describe how I feel.  The first time I heard this beautiful genre was when my coworker played his songs in the office.  This coworker of mine was a self-claimed hipster.  He was playing one of his playlists in the office, and this shy, yet mesmerizing melody caught my attention.  How beautiful it was and how it made me feel so strangely…happy?  This song is Collect Call by Metric.  From that day on, I wanted to find more songs that make me feel this way.

(That’s how I feel every time I listen to my favorite songs.)

From that day on, my music quest has started.  I no longer wait for music to come my way, I must now go find it.  Here is a short list of my on going discovery:

  • Metric
  • Franz Ferdinand
  • Foster the People
  • The Lumineers
  • Imagine Dragon
  • The Hush Sound
  • The Strokes
  • The Black Keys
  • Company of Thieves
  • Cage the Elephant

However, Alternatives aren’t the only source of happiness for me, I find that listening to instrumental music is just as awesome.  Artists like 2 Cellos, The Piano Guys, Yiruma, and Lindsey Stirling can change your negative opinion of classical music or instrumental music into a positive one.  The Piano Guys, especially, just give an awesome twist to the oldest, classical tunes like Cello Suite 1.  They also set the most popular songs on fire with their unique interpretations to those same songs, try looking up “Titanium” or “Paradise” by the Piano Guys.

What type of music do you like?